In 2018, our civic association was successful as the applicant for a grant under the name “Open Cities and Towns – ZSK Transparency Map.” More about the project here.


At the end of the month, the civic association prepared a varied program for Children’s Day for children from orphanage in Bytča. At Hrabošov pond kids enjoyed games, took part in competitions with the opportunity to win interesting prizes. The whole day was was filled with events, such as face painting, bow shooting, knot binding, motorboat riding, bicycle riding. Children even learned the basics of fishing and, as a result, they could catch their own fish. As a surprise, the firemen from DHZ Bytča also prepared a lot of attractions, including the presentation of their work and the functioning of DHZ.

In the autumn, on the occasion of the beginning of the new school year, the volunteers from our association organized a discussion with educators from the orphanage in Bytča. Volunteers get to know children better. The topic of the talks with their educators and socio-pedagogical staff were the suggestions to further improvement of conditions for children in a orphanage.

In 2017 there were changes in our civic association – the activity was expanded, the members changed and the residence moved to Žilina. Following these changes, the association continued to meet its goals.


Together with volunteers, the civic association members organized four collections of clothing and hygienic needs for socially weaker residents, especially for seniors. They also provided durable food for the target group in the last pre-Christmas collection.

In June 2016, we organized a day trip for children from socially weaker families with their volunteers and friends. They visited Devin Castle, they knew the surroundings and spent a pleasant day together.

At the end of the summer, members and volunteers, together with children from socially disadvantaged families, shared the holiday together. They organized a barbecue in a pleasant environment at Železná studnička. The children had fun and were active in the nature.